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Myth busted: Paying for papers is not always a good option!

A lot of students nowadays buy their papers from online academic agencies or freelance writers. May be it gives them a chance to boast about their academic achievements or it gives them a chance to boost their chances of success to gain entrance in the corporate world, but has any one of the students ever thought about the negative consequences of their acts?

Surely, nobody believes that buying assignments and papers is always a good choice as this is a myth which is entirely created by agencies that want to trap students. Let us explore the effects of this act on individual and societal level.

Once a student decides to pay for assignment writing help, he/she considers all the benefits like I will be able to get my paper submitted on time or I will be able to impress by professor and parents or that I will have some free time to socialize, but do they consider this for a minute that what will a hardworking student go through when he/she will not get a good grade after so much struggle and pain. Many students get discouraged because they think that somehow it is their fault they never submit an A grade paper never knowing that they are up against a professionally written paper. They lose their confidence and motivation to work hard.

It has been noticed that once a student gets a professionally written paper, he/she gets addicted to the easily earned glory that comes with it.  That is the main reason students are becoming increasingly dependent on such services. But, the pertinent question here that we have to ask ourselves is where is this increasing dependency leading? Do we want our economy handled by those students who cannot even do their homework themselves? Do we want our future leaders to be dependent upon an invisible crutch to lead the way? Surely, the answer is NO!

How would you feel if you came to know that your doctor passed the degree by submitting bought assignments? How would you feel if you came to know that your child’s teacher got their degree by paying their way out? When we ask ourselves these questions, we come to realize how crucial the situation has become and we need to take extreme measures to control this. Our society is on the verge of an extremely critical situation that may turn out to be a colossal problem for future generations if not bridled now.

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