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How to Compose a Better Reflection of Experiences?

Children do not like a reflexive essay as homework. It demands for researching a topic using personal experience. Students use the given topic to show experience, world events, emotional facts or reality. The goal of writing is to blend thoughts and show a new aspect to the readers. It requires great time for planning structure.


Construct opening paragraph. It must be strong. Paint a picture to develop the interest of the reader. Tell any story or facts with an interesting angle. Do not prove a single point in your paragraph, but write open ended sentences. Prove these points later in the essay.

Do brainstorming on a separate sheet of paper. Make a cloud with a topic in the middle and ideas coming out of it. Name them as experience, factors, world events, etc. Decide which experiences you are sharing in the essay, as well as the facts. For each specific idea, map out your reactions.


Include non-personal facts. The credibility of an essay does not depend on evidences you unfold, but a variety of facts and historical events you mention.

Create an outline of your mind map. Choose the strongest experiences and bind them into paragraphs. Be logical in shaping paragraphs. One story must be linked to another to give a clear reflection to the readers. If you write about sadness in a paragraph, then follow other paragraph with coping skills to counter the sadness.


Be specific with personal experiences. Your points must be brief yet concrete and different. Do not exaggerate your memories. Avoid vague sentences like “we fight a lot,” but instead quote those heated arguments.

Use your outline to compose essays. As you write, use clear words. Keep one point and its reflection to a single paragraph.


Set aside the work and get a break. Check the flow of the words joining paragraphs. Eliminate redundant sentences and add explanation where necessary.

Write your conclusion at the end. Sum up the essay at the end.  This concluding paragraph brings finesse to your reflection. Answer questions in conclusion such as, what did you learn from this experience? What actions individuals facing such issues should take?

Edit your work. You think this essay is short, but trust us, it needs editing. Eliminate any extra phrases. Ask friends to read it aloud for you and point out any mistakes they see. Remove any confusing phrases mentioned in the essay. If you follow these tips there will be no need to pay people to do homework.

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