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Business cards matter: Reasons why students need them

A business card is generally used by professionals from all walks of life to network with other people. They exchange these cards after meeting to start building relationships. It is like a personal brand, which one uses to promote itself.

Students are no exception to having their own business cards. Because of ever increasing competition in the market, every student needs to get one step ahead of others. Imagine a student meeting some well known person from his own field, and not being able to create a connection. Then the student must think, “Oh, I wish I could have something to build up this relationship”. Obviously the student could not offer that person his cell phone number because it would sound too cheap, and no one of that status shares its personal phone number with a student either.

First of all, carrying a business card helps you in sharing your contact information with someone of your interest. It is the most basic way of starting to build a new relationship. It looks presentable and easy to carry. You can add your important information: name, mobile phone number, mailing address, email address, name of the institute, etc. on a small piece of paper. Second, it not only helps you sharing your information, but also presents you as being more professional. When you give a small card instead of searching for a paper and pencil to write down the contact information, it creates a good impression. So make yourself a business card to avoid destroying the relationship even before building it.

Third and most important reason why you should have a business card is to build a healthy networking channel. It is difficult to remember the names of different people you meet and keep a track of their working statuses in your mind. Plus, you may not recollect the right information and you are getting out of time to call back a particular person. Think about the embarrassment and lack of professionalism on your behalf in the mind of that person, who may not even want to meet you again. So don’t forget to offer and take back business cards from different people you meet. Fourth, it helps you to create your personal brand. People don’t remember the others by their names or faces, but by what they do. So your business card will serve as promoting yourself to others. Last but not the least, it can also help you in getting an immediate job, like you attend any walk in interview session by chance, but you don`t have a CV, a business card in that case will definitely save you and get you hired at any of the essay writing help services.

Good resume writing is no doubt a key to getting you a job, but there are far more vital things and instances in which only carrying a business card would benefit you.

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