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7 tips that will make your College Essay stand out

A well thought out personal statement can do wonders for your college application. At the end of the day, grades or extra-circular can’t really tell what sort of a person you are. You want to stand-out from the crowd. You want to make sure your essay really catches the eye of the college you’re hoping to get accepted in.

Think it through. Your essay should be coherent and seem well thought out. The idea is to introduce yourself as a person. It is going to need more than just fancy words and crafty penmanship. While the reviewer will appreciate beautiful writing they are more interested in the substance you have to offer.

Brainstorm for ideas. This seems like a no-brainer, but what most people don’t realize that you should be open to taking advice from family and friends who can give you an insight into your own self. Sometimes you have strengths that you don’t really realize or give yourself much credit for. People around you can always come up with great ideas.

Understand what the college is looking for. Every college has its own values and is looking for certain characteristics in a student. Make sure you highlight what the college is looking in an alumni as part of your essay.

Talk about your goals and aspirations. It’s not just about who you are. It’s about who you want to become. You should also include how you believe that the particular school can help you reach for your dreams.

Don’t get side tracked. This is your college application essay, you should focus on it. You should mention people who are important in your life, just make sure you don’t end up writing about them. At the end of the day, the reviewer wants to know about you and not the people in your life.

If you’re writing about an important moment of your life, be descriptive. Make the reader feel your emotions. If the reviewer gets emotionally involved in your custom college essay. You’re on the right path. The reviewer just doesn’t want the facts about your life, they want to know your feelings and thoughts. Give them a good insight into yourself.

This should go without saying. Proofread! Again and again. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to rewrite it a few times. The last thing you want is the reader getting distracted with pesky errors you could’ve easily avoided.

If it all goes well, you should have your stellar essay.

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